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I havent been on here in ages, but I felt like updating every one. Firstly is dublin, my anglo arab. I bred my arab mare to a stakes winning thoroughbred stallion. I have been totally blown away with him. He's gorgeous, athletic and has a temperament to die for. His first saddle and bridle he took like he had been wearing it all his life. He is a sweet heart to everyone and I've used him as a "therapy horse" with people on the ground. He stands 15.1hh at 2 years old.(the bay)

And then there's Bob.

Years ago I stumbled into a funny lookIng appy filly named Pickles that I loved. I broke her out and loved riding her, but I decided I needed something more athletic, so I made the idiotic decision to sell her. She went to an amazing home, and I ended up with a string of terribly incompatible horses.

I sold the last one and decided to stick with Dublin. Then I found out that Pickles breeder had a yearling colt related to her. He's sold the mares and changed his breefing program, and this colt was one of the last. Well I liked him. And I just couldn't say no to one of the last chances I had at owning one of pickles relitives.


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