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Hey there! I hope everyone is doing fine! Anyways, I'll like to start of by saying that this is a curiosity question and not really a question for myself. I have no intentions to buy this product.

Anyways, I was going through the TSC website and something caught my attention. It was a horse feed called 'Dumor: Calm and Steady". I decided to take further look into it. It has cool energy from the fat and fiber aswell as lower startch and sugar.

Now, I know DuMOR is cheap grain that I would never feed to my horse(s). But my question is, has anyone had experience with it? If so, what were the good and bad things? If you haven't, would you buy it?
I guess it's supposed to compete with Nutrena's "Safechoice Special Care". I forgot to mention that it's a pelleted feed.

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Some Dumor products are fine to utilize and feed.
Depending upon what it is you are needing/wanting in your feed this feed might fit perfectly for your animal.
In all honesty I feed Dumor brand alfalfa cubes.
I pay $4.00 less per bag than Standlee brand and get 10 more pounds of product.
I also feed Rural Kings own brand of alfalfa cubes for the same reason...saves me money.
Not always is store brand less of a product, even with grain/feed itself.
If there was no audience that bought it it would not be produced so it meets someones needs and pocketbook.

This is Tractor Supply's own store brand and normally using store brand saves you a few dollars.
A few years ago I was told that Dumor is made in the Purina feed mill to a recipe that Dumor owns and is followed.
Triple Crown feeds are also made at Purina feed mills as it is a dedicated line for horse feed and chance of contamination of Ionophores from other ruminant feeds cause they are not done on this line. Once again, to a particular recipe.
I know in Florida there is a dedicated mill that does just horse feed but not sure how the rest of the country/nations work their mills.
So many ingredients are the same, name-brand versus store brand, it is the exacting recipe amounts used that may make difference in % values achieved.

I spent the time to do some research about the products particular you mentioned.

I found this on "Dumor: Calm and Steady" by reading the comments section of this specific food product.
This product is 12% protein , 8% fat and 16% crude fiber.
Starch max is 16% and sugar max is 5.5%.
This product contains approximately 1310 kcals/lb.
I can not find a complete ingredients list but wheat middlings is the grain-by-product I saw in the Q&A section off the Tractor Supply website. I complied the breakdown based on what I read.
In all honesty this is pretty similar to many feeds made for horses.
I did also look at Nutrena Safechoice Special has less calories per pound fed and 15% sugar/starch but otherwise from what I could see very similar.
With 14% protein, 7% fat and 17% fiber.

The SafeChoice Special Care contains approximately 1273 kcal/lb of feed. {these numbers were found on TS website and Nutrena website to fill in the blanks}
I could not find what their grain-by-product is...
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