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Does anyone have an effective home remedy for a Fibroblastic Sarcoid?

I am looking after my mother in laws horses as she is away for a few weeks and while I do not have access to a horse trailer or approval to take her to the vet I am wondering if anyone has a salve or paste or process that they have used around the house that would work?

I dont have pictures just yet but this is a description anyways. I saw her in the pasture and it looked almost as if one of those marachino cherries (the bright red ones from the jar) was on the side of her leg...about the same size as well.

So I pricked it with a needle and a stream of pussy blood came out for a few seconds and then it just continued to drain. I made a salve of Sugar, natural Aloe Vera, Iodine and Bee Balm seemed to be helping as the dead skin what is left is a white bump that looks almost cauliflower like that sticks out about half a cm... but it's just a round bump. I just put some peroxide on it last night and wrapped it in vet wrap, but I am out of my league here in what would help.

Any suggestions, or any other diagnosis from my description?
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