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'Ello. I'm Amanda, though I usually go by Iseul (Korean name as I'm 1/4th Korean)
A few interesting (possibly) things about me that people usually ask?
-I'm almost 16.
-I'm female
-I'm not real girly..I'm not afraid to get dirty (unless I'm in a pair of certain shoes...but I don't wear them too many places for that reason lol)
-I just started seriously riding and trying to better myself this past year (2009) since my best friend has been willing and enjoys me hanging out with him at the barn. I've been riding Toby and Dude at that barn for the past half a year for about once a week (since it's been winter) and I'm going to start trying to volunteer at a stable in Bridgeville that I use to just go for trail rides on. I may decide to ask the BM if I can possibly lease one or two of their horses that I've ridden and see potential as good barrel horses in exchange for coming and volunteering as a guide and helping them groom/feed/muck. Not too sure though..
-I love:
--Drawing (I have art I plan on posting.. ;-; )
--Web Designing
--Designing (landscape and architecture)
--Working in the outdoors
-I'd rather be either in school or at the barn than sitting at my house relaxing. The barn relaxes me much more than sitting at home doing nothing.
-I'm trying to get as much barn/horse experience as I can at the moment, to show my mother that I'd like to go to a equestrian school instead of an art school, since I don't actually need a degree for my art.
-I'm trying to get Dude to not be so terrified of me..he's really hard to ride if he's scared of who's on him. x.x And it's horrible..because I'm the only one he's scared of. e.e

But anywho-'Ello. :)
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