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English Saddle that’s Hard as a Rock

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I have an English saddle. It’s:
-17in seat
-the Crosby brand
-Model: Prix Des Nations

I want to show in Hunter Under Saddle next year. The problem is that the cushion is little to nothing. I’ve tried oiling it and I’m not sure that it solved the problem.

I really don’t want to have to put a saddle cushion over it.

Is there a way I can possibly spring up the cushion? Or is there a way I can get more cushion put in my saddle?
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Unfortunately, the older Crosby Prix des Nations were known for having hard seats (that's just the way a lot of older saddles were made) and no amount of oiling will change that. Over-oiling may actually damage the leather. I think the best you could do is add a seat saver (ThinLine has some discreet looking ones, though I'm not sure how much padding they'll add).

I have an old Crosby PDN that has a very hard seat as well, as well as several other older saddles with hard seats. I agree with the poster who mentioned that hard seats don't necessarily have to be uncomfortable and not all soft seats are comfortable, but if the seat is the wrong shape and width, and the twist is too wide or too narrow, that can create issues. If this is the case, the saddle may unfortunately not be the best fit for you.

I will say though, that I have a late '90s Crosby Sovereign that is much more comfortable than my '70s PDN with a more well padded and wider seat, so I wouldn't discard Crosby as a brand if you look into a different saddle. They're high quality saddles and in good condition and well fitting for both horse and rider, are a great choice! The older Collegiates are designed after them, but IME have more comfortable seats.

I think your best bet would be to sit in as many different saddles as possible to see what you like. Since people are built differently, a saddle that is comfortable for one person and allows them to ride effectively doesn't necessarily work well for another. It's also important to make sure whatever saddle you choose fits your horse, of course.
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