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English Saddle that’s Hard as a Rock

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I have an English saddle. It’s:
-17in seat
-the Crosby brand
-Model: Prix Des Nations

I want to show in Hunter Under Saddle next year. The problem is that the cushion is little to nothing. I’ve tried oiling it and I’m not sure that it solved the problem.

I really don’t want to have to put a saddle cushion over it.

Is there a way I can possibly spring up the cushion? Or is there a way I can get more cushion put in my saddle?
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No matter how much oiling you do, you will not make the seat anymore comfortable unfortunately. Saddles weren't always designed with comfort in mind, and if your Crosby is an older model, any padding that was there is likely now compact and hard... You will probably be out of luck in the comfort department with this current saddle, unfortunately!

If comfort is a priority for you and you want to go into the show-ring with the saddle, a new saddle will likely be needed. There are some nice entry-level saddles, but shopping the used saddle market can yield a high-end, budget friendly saddle that is as comfortable as a lazy boy in a living room.
What budget saddle brands do you recommend?
@ClearDonkey Not that I know of. I live in Oklahoma, USA. There’s not a lot of English shops or saddle fitters around here. The one shop I go to doesn’t have a saddle in my size. Also my budget is minuscule. I’m trying to see what tack I can sell to get something that works for me and my gelding!
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