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english saddles for wider horses?

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I gave up on english last year when I couldn't find an english saddle to fit my appy. It seems like even the "wide tree" labeled saddles are built for TBs. My girl has a bit of a wither and very wide shoulders. The only ones that have kinda fit so far are really cheap nasty ones that I don't trust lol. So I was wondering if anyone knew of any brands/models of english saddles that may fit a horse like mine? I'd really like to get one so I can do some jumping this summer and get my legs in better shape. Thanks!:)
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p.s I don't mind leather or synthetic, just not wintecs.
It really all depends on what fits your horse best. It would be easiest to pick out whichever saddles you like the best and try them on your horse and see which will work best for him. That will give you the best idea.
My horse is wide as he's part draft and he has been in a bates, HDR, and is currently in a stubben (extra wide tree for him on that one).
I have a County Saddle and love it. They will have a saddler come and fit your horse perfectly. I would recommend them. They have sales for demo models also.
I use a Wintec on my horse, he has a very wide back. The saddle is cheaper compared to most, and there are different models. It has the changeable gullet system so you can alter the saddle for different horses.

I am looking at getting a leather saddle, so in my case the synthetic material is my only problem.
I have an 18 hd draft cross, uses a 62" girth and I think we're finally thrilled with a Thornhill Jose Canaves extra wide (Berlin all purpose). It was about $800, gorgeous leather, wool flocked so we can adjust as he grows, changes (already have once). My saddle fitter, who fits saddles at fancy barns is surprisingly pleased with this saddle. For my budget, it fits the bill :)
Thorowgood makes a wide tree model. It's a synthetic saddle. My currently for sale Bates AP comes with adjustable gullets, extra wide being just one of many.
Most British made saddles are available in an extra wide fitting - look up "Ideal",

"WOW" an Australian saddle makes a saddle which can be adjusted for width with a spanner. They can also be fitted with CAIR - a system which uses air to help the saddle fit better.

But neither British nor Aussi saddles are cheap.

You may have to check out different brands. Certain brands are wider then others. I know someone with a Duett, they're a brand that I believe caters to the wider horse! She said lots of draft riders use them.
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