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Enrich 32

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When I first bought my mare about 6 years ago she was getting 1 scoop of a sweet feed mix that the stable provided twice a day. She was fine with this for years, and never had a problem.
Last August, I moved her to a different barn where she got the same amount, but it was a mix of sweet feed and cracked corn. She was fine with this, but I wanted something a bit more healthier for her.
For about the last 4 months, I switched her to only getting 1/4 of a scoop of the mix. (I originally wanted to use alfalfa pellets, but I couldn't find any near me.) And she gets 1 cup of Omega Horseshine and 2 scoops of ShoGlo a day. She's also been fine with this.
I just recently bought a 50lb bag of Nature's Essentials Enrich 32 Supplement. I'm hoping to stop using that sweet feed/cracked corn mix all together, and even the ShoGlo. I wouldn't go as far as calling my mare an easy keeper. She's just a pleasure horse; we do a lot of trail riding. I guess what I want is for someone to tell me that she'll be getting everything she needs with Enrich 32 and Omega HS, and of course all the grass hay she can eat. Nobody else at the barn I'm at really cares what their horses get. If the bag says "GRAIN" then that's what they get, so I feel like I'm talking to a wall when I try to ask them anything about this. :lol:
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she "should" do fine on it ... nutrionally it is close to complete NSC is much lower which is good , you "might" have to add calories won;t know until you try it
My vet actually recommended the EXACT regiment for my horses and she feeds it to her horses too. She said if they start to lose weight give oil i use this one:
Cocosoya Oil (Uckele Animal Health) - All Products -

Then if that is still not cutting the butter so to speak she recommended adding strategy to their diet slowly.
I switched my mare from sweet feed to Enrich 32 a little over a year ago. She was on about 1 1/2 lbs. of it and all the grass hay she could eat, but started to loose weight. She isn't really what I would call a particularly easy keeper. I added some beet pulp and BOSS to her diet and and now she is doing great. She is at a good weight and her coat is amazing!
If she's on free choice hay, she'll probably do just fine. Just watch her weight and condition, and adjust her feed as needed. Our Tractor Supply just started getting alfalfa pellets and timothy pellets. You might check with yours to see if they are carrying any.

I used to feed ground flax, but moved to cocosoya because it's more economical per-feeding, while still providing good fat and Omega 3's. I get the big 5-gal tub, but I have 7 horses on it, lol. I got the pump with it and give 2-squirts a day per-horse.
Thanks everyone for the replies.
I decided on slowly working her up to 2lbs of enrich 32 a day. The directions recommended for her lifestyle to give her anything from 1.5 - 2.5lbs a day, so I decided to start in the middle and go from there.
As of right now, her life isn't very stressful. We're not going to any clinics or the fair anymore, so she has nothing to get worked up about.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that her round bale outside is grass hay, but our square bales are alfalfa/grass mix.
We feed our miniatures Enrich 32, and cowboy gets about half a pound of it in show season when it's hot to give him some extra uumph. Good stuff.
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