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I like to walk through the herd a feeding time and just check in with each horse.

I like the idea of being able to approach each horse out in the open field (unrestrained) at a time that might be viewed as competitive and stressful.
I like to move between each horse unhindered and only blocked by their desire to visit with me.
It checks my ability to be calm and relaxed and it also exposes me to the herd on quite equal footing as I am in their world and they are so much more skilled at moving through it.

This happens on a regular basis and there is a rhythm to this daily routine.

So a few months back something is quite "Off"after the morning feeding and the horses are acting very different around me and very standoffish. they are shying away and not wanting to be touched at all.
They are suspicious and wary.
They do not want to meet or visit like they normally do.

This is like having the entire group of best friends all line up and take turns slapping you.

I come into the house to talk things over with my wife and get to the bottom of the matter.

Full review time....

I am in a good mood,I ate the same things for breakfast,took a shower and brushed my teeth with the same toothpaste.
I put on familiar pants and shirt,boots and hat.........OhNO!!!!!

My wife speaks up.

"I tried a new laundry detergent and washed the clothes with it yesterday".

Sure enough,the change had been just enough to change "MY SCENT".
After all,we all have a smell...right?

Sometimes horse's don't take to change so well and are not impressed with the "New and Improved cleaning bubbles ,with fresh New formula".
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