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Hi there,
I just had a question, I figured this was the best place to put it.

I've been taking pictures of dogs and people for friends of mine for a while now, but haven't yet made the leap to being paid for photography. Horses are my true passion, so my question to you guys is this...

Would you be interested in hiring a photographer to follow you around at a show? Just taking pictures of you and your horse, not like the official photographer who grabs one or two shots of everyone. My style of photography is 'photojournalistic', so it would end up being the story of your show day in pictures. My other idea was filming a lesson or something, so that you can see what exactly you're doing while on your horse.

I figured prices would be relatively low, say $50-$100 to follow you at a show all day, and you'd get a CD with images on it then.

Does this sound like something you'd be interested in? Why or why not?

Thanks very much!
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I would not pay you. You said you have experience with people and dogs. I would want you to have experience with horses too. If you want, follow a friend to a show and take pictures. But I would need examples with horses before I even thought of hiring you. So get experience shooting horses first.

I am the unofficial photographer for my farm's jumper shows. I take pictures for fun and put them on FB then people get tagged by my sister or someone who knows who it is and then they save it to their computer. I don't get paid but they all love their photos and I'm okay with it since I do not offer photographic services yet (and I will not until after college)

But basically, get experience with your subject. You wouldn't hire a wedding photographer to shoot pictures at a football game without prior experience, would you?
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