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Bailey and I have been taking lessons again this spring(I have been taking lessons since just after xmas on a lunatic horse). We took only one dressage lesson at a barn about an hour away. He was very unhappy, and we ended up changing barns because of some changes to her vetrinary requirements. It wasn't worth it to pay for extra vet visits and inocculations to travel an hour away. We're back to the barn where I first started riding, and we're so happy. Bailey is progressing by leaps and bounds in both dressage and jumping. He's such a champ. Below are some pictures and videos, all are under the title of them.

Before lessons:
Lesson 1(current barn):
Lesson 2:
Lesson 3:
Bailey :: Pams3022.mp4 video by eventinglunatic22 - Photobucket
Lesson 4(video or two of jumping to come):

He used to be so stiff and resistant(bracing very badly on my hands at canter). He's come so far. I can ride him with confidence now and not come out of the ring with aching hands. I'm so proud of him.
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