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It's extremely important to remember that there are NO new dewormers in development, so we have nothing to rely on but what we have now. When our current dewormers lose their efficiency, that's it.
Another facet of this to remember: the reason our current dewormers lose efficiency is because the worms are becoming resistant to them. Spelled out this means all worms that were still affected by it are killed, meaning only the resistant ones are reproducing. And since resistance is often genetically carried over, all offspring will be resistant too... A sobering thought.

The idea with deworming is not to eliminate all worms in a horse - just making sure to prevent parasitic disease.

Also, performing a FEC before deciding if a deworming against strongyles is needed is slowly accepted procedure. However, the even more important step of doing another FEC two weeks after the deworming is often left out. Without the second FEC there is no way to know if your dewormer was even effective...

@ClearDonkey, I know Diatomaceous Earth (DE) as dewormer and for insect control is all the rage. However, it is important to know that it only keeps its abrasive properties (and hence how it works against insects and worms) when dry... Once it's ingested I would argue the dry part is out the window ;)
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