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Exercises to help with jumping!

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Hi, I'm looking for some exercises to do with my horse, (and rider exercises) :) to help with jumping. Whether these be groundwork exercises, flat work, or jumping exercises.

Also, what exercises do you do to help keep yourself in shape?

And now that I am writing this...any simple stretches, for horse and rider to do before/after work outs.
Thank you! :)
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My favorite exercises that all of my horses do, no matter what level they are in -

  • Make 3-6 cross rails leaving 3m between them. Eventually you can make those cross rails into verticals, older horses jumps verticals like this up to 110cm.
  • Make 3-6 cross rails/ verticals (you can make first 2 cross rails, last 2 verticals and so), 3m between them, then 6m and a higher vertical, 6.5m and even higher oxer.
Of course you can adjust those distances to your horse, if you have a really small/really big horse, but these are standart distances. These exercises makes horse`s jump more powerful, and it also improves your balance. Main thing to remember while jumping these - jump with a gentle hand, drop your reins if you need that, but never disturb him jumping this.!
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