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Farriers and Equine Vets please help....

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This is what the vet said was wrong with Sonny:

"Just wanted to let you know that I sent off Sunny's x-rays this weekend
(sorry, busy week at my other job). I should have an answer by the end of the week to see if there is anything we can do with shoeing for your
horse. I will pass along that info and the pictures of the x-rays then. I
did do a bit of reading and they call this an extensor process fracture of
the coffin bone
. As you had mentioned, it can be due to an injury- either
from hyperextension of the coffin joint or excessive tension on the
extensor tendon- or it can be growth related if the bone doesn't form
properly in that area. Unfortunately there is some arthritis at the
coffin joint and that is likely the cause of the pain. I am not sure why
he would show toe pain- unless pressure there moves the coffin bone enough to stress the arthritic area. I will let you know what the experts say about it."

"I received a reply on your horse's x-rays. They confirmed the diagnosis. They also mentioned that injecting the coffin joint with depo (a kind of cortisone) could make that foot feel better. Let me know."

She also said he shouldn't have any pain except for the arthritis, and it will not get worse.

Long story short....The vet was not much help other than diagnosing Sonny. Does anyone know anything about his extensor process fracture of
the coffin bone problem? Any information, opinions, or recommendations would be appreciated.
He gets quite sore at times, though he is known to bluff! We would like to get to the bottom of this, but the vets here aren't familiar with the problem and hundreds and thousands of dollars aren't an option. We've spent lots already on this problem.
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not a vet buuuut I did a quick google search and came up with this little article. Looks like it might give you some information on treating it.

Equine Podiatry | Dr. Stephen O'Grady, veterinarians, farriers, books, articles
no expert here, but we did once have a foal with a fractured coffin bone and he had to stay in a stall for 60 days to let it heal. it was fine after that, but his other foot was traumatized from holding his weight so much. it would have been ok too but the farrier trimmed it too short. too short, plus extra weight stress = trouble for life. but the foot that had been broken is perfect.

stall rest!!
That's what vets do, they diagnose. So it is unfair to say that the vet wasn't much help, "other than diagnosing". Diagnosing is a huge part of the help. When I read what she wrote, she told you what could be done, by injecting. And from what I've read it seems to me that if you want to help your horse, the only way to do it is by spending alot of money, i.e. drugs, shoeing, surgery?

Good luck.
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