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Filling out the entry form...

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I've never gone to a show before, and therefore never filled out an entry form. could anybody help me with it?

This is the form.....

I get everything except for the areas that have a red box --

What does JR/AM mean and what am i supposed to put in that box?

For the "stable with" do i put down the stable that i ride with or do i put down who i want my horse to be stabled with?

For stabling fees ( $45 per night; 35 per day), i am not sure what i would put. My horse will be there for 3 days in total. so would i put down the amount for 3 days ($35 x 3) and 2 nights ($45 x 2)
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Ok this form is pretty straight forward :) I've seen way more confusing ones, its just learning to read them thats the trick.

For the stabling one, I'd assume you're right.

The stable with one is asking if you'd liked to be placed with certain people or near certain horses.

The JR/AM part I'm assuming refers Juinor/Amateur. Well at least thats what it refers to over here in Australia.
Have fun showing at that gong show, lol.

Jr/Am is referring to your age and status. Don't know why they aren't offering open but w/e. I'm assuming you're under 18? That means you're a junior.

Stable with, people usually just put their barns name, but if you're going with people from another barn then just list their names, or decide on a show group name and have everyone write that down to make sure you all end up together.

For stabling, it's just $45x2. Their day stall/night stall thing is tough to get used to, but basically if you're trailering back and forth it's $35x2 and if you're overnighting it's $45x2.

I would advise you to bring lights! Their show barn is really dark. Also bring lots of coolers/jackets and I hope for your horse's sake he is clipped. It's like -10C in the show barn and 20C in the ring.

Good luck!
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