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After 4 months of constant battling with thrush and seperation on my old gelding, my farrier finally declared today that we had won. It was not an easy road. The thrush would not go away, and his feet grew like they were on crack.

I am very happy now that his feet are finally healthy. The thrush is completely gone, and his hoof walls are tightning up very nice. We went from a 6 week schedule, down to a five week, and this last time we went four weeks.

What I am most excited about is now that his hoofs are healthy,
i will be working with my farrier to learn how to trim. I dont want to shoe, but it will be nice to be able to trim my own, and maybe do a few friends occasionally for a little extra cash. I told her today that she was causing my wallet to die a slow and painful death. She reminded me that she offered to teach me, but with Sonny's feet so messed up at first, I was reluctant and a little frightened. Now, I am a little more confident.

Just wanted to share with those who also seem to have a never ending battle with hoof issues. There is hope!
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