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Finding a saddle for a draft cross

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We just purchased a Friesian/Percheron cross and at 16.1 hands and 1700lbs she dwarfs my little quarter horse. The problem is both our saddles fit him perfectly and nothing we own even comes close to fitting her. So I have a few questions about saddles for draft crosses.
First, what type of saddle fit them best?
I know her previous owners rode in an Australian saddle and mom and sister seem to want to buy one. I'm use to an English saddle, but I would really like to get the saddle that is best for the horse.
Second, if we decide to get an Australian saddle, are there some good mid-range ones? Are there some to just avoid?
Lastly, if I buy an English saddle for her are there some brands that fit draft type horses better than others?
I look forward to hearing your advice, thanks for your time!
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Drafts and draft crosses can be difficult to fit. If she is just wide and not *ginormous* an aussie will be a good fit for you. I love this sites saddles. You can get their clearance saddles super cheap *and* they still offer a 'wither tracing' fitting on all their saddles, clearance or not.
Australian saddles at clearance prices from Down Under Saddle Supply

As far as english goes, I know that you can get all the way to a 'wide' tree and have it still not be wide enough. Here is a nice 'wide' on ebay Stubben Siegfried VSS 17 inch english saddle wide tree - eBay (item 160539225453 end time Feb-05-11 20:08:33 PST)

And while these saddles are generally 'cheapies' the reviews on them are remarkably good. For a cheap saddle, it might be worth a try. Rare 18" Draft Horse Dressage Saddle by Ascot - eBay (item 370140736582 end time Feb-24-11 22:11:04 PST)
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