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Finding Blanket Fill

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My Arabian/Quarter Horse gelding has this Tough 1 blanket that the previous owner gave to me when I got him. He is in his teens and being from the warmer part of the state, he shivers a bit if he is wet or it gets really cold. I have another horse now who can use my gelding’s blanket, so I would like to get my gelding a new one. I don’t know what the fill is on his blanket, and the tags have been cut off. Is there any way to find to fill of a blanket?

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Light is basically no fill. Medium, the fill will be about 1/2in thick. Heavy, more like an inch. This based on the Wetherbeeta, Rambo, and Kensington blankets I have used.

Honestly, I have more or less standardized on "Heavy", and am careful to pull their blankies when the weather doesn't dictate a winter weight turnout. I have seen my senior TB (24yo) shivering in his medium Rambo; never in the heavy Weatherbeeta. Also, I have the detach-a-neck models, but have never had occasion to use the neck covers. It appears that as long as the torso/back is protected, the rest of the animal is fine. This in weather including driving blizzards resulting in 24in plus snow accumulations, and overnight temperatures dropping to -25F. Also, I have really come to favor a snap closure at the front as opposed to a buckle and strap. Makes a huge difference when your fingers are already numb with the cold.

They have free access to nice stalls in The Barn, but rarely use them in the winter. They do appreciate their blankets, tho.

Foto: Coming in for breakfast; -25F.
Edit: Elderly Banjo (33yo) maximizing coverage in his new Weatherbeeta. Temperature about 0F. Don' he look cozy? :)


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