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Happy birthday Remington!

I'm having 12 days off, which is more than I've had in two or three years.
Had some nice beach hiking yesterday. Saw a couple souls, but there was a heavy fog and some chill, so most people were inside.

Our 14 year old Papillon travels well and seems not bothered by staying in hotels. After our first hike of several hours, I thought we'd leave Gil in the truck while we went to another beach.

He barked furiously. The rules are that you do not leave a dog behind at the beach, even if he is old and tired. So I carried him part of the way and he was happy.

On the second beach there were lots of shell fossils.
Even though it is the middle of nowhere, there was a fine seafood restaurant. I had rockfish and cous cous. The dog was happy to stay in the truck at the restaurant.


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