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Happy Friday!

It's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. The good: it's usually a great sales weekend at the store, so that will help the coffers. The less good: it's pretty messy in the store, so I imagine we'll be pulling a late-ish night tonight to finish getting things ready. We're open today, so it's hard to get anything done when you can't make an even bigger mess!! The bad: no Thanksgiving family dinner for us this weekend, as my mom has COVID. She's not too bad, and is getting that antiviral drug that starts with a P and that I always forget the name of. Somehow my dad hasn't caught it yet, so that's good.

Dinner tonight will probably just be a frozen lasagna or something. Last night, though, we were getting a little squirrelly from being at home/the store too much, so we went out and tried a new Indian food place just 20 minutes away!! Soooo exciting to have one in the area! Slowly but surely our dining selections here seem to be broadening their horizons.

Got out to ride on Sunday and Wednesday. Not sure if I'll get out again in the next few days, which is killing me because it is the BEST time of year to ride, and the fall colours here are so wonderful right now. I'll try to sneak out at some point soon... hopefully!! Next weekend is a busy one too. HUGE fall festival in town. After that, at least, things get slightly less ridiculous.

Here are a couple of Elle pics from this week. These rides were only three days apart, so you can see how quickly the colours are changing. They've come a long way since the second pic from Wednesday!

Sky Plant Light Green Nature

Sky Cloud Plant Ecoregion Green

And a pic of Elle on a graze-and-explore walk from the other night, just because!

Horse Eye Plant Tree Liver
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