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First October Friday Night Conversation

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How is everyone? I hope doing well. Getting cooler here I am so loving it/

Big doings here at Aubie house today. Its Remington's birthday. He is 7. Well I say that.dont really know what to do. Everyday is like birthday and Christmas rolled into one for that dog.

Maybe I will get him a little steak or something when at grocery store for supper. What are you having?

Or is it going out tonight?

Anything else going on this weekend?

Anything and everything welcome. And of course all the great pictures.

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In a little while, we're off to camping on Cape Cod. Other than Sunday, we'll probably be eating out (at least outdoors) most of the weekend. We usually go to a restaurant after making camp on Friday night - looking at the local brewery's menu right now. My dad's gf is staying at her family's cottage in Truro and has invited us over for dinner Saturday night. Sunday we'll probably make steak or, if we're lucky, fish. We are not usually lucky. (the ponds at the campground are stocked with trout by the state, yet we keep catching sunfish and catfish). The weather is supposed to be dry, but cool - a low of 44 on Saturday! Brr. Long johns and flannels are packed, as are extra blankets. Probably got going to swim, but fishing is likely, and there's a decent flea market to explore. Low-key weekend.

I didn't have a second shift this week, but I ended up picking one up because another medic called out suddenly, which is good. Worked Sunday, busy with swimming (and dancing!) Monday, Tuesday I was exhausted, worked Wednesday, saw Jasper yesterday. Had a nice walk on the trails - still working on "no, you can't just go faster when we get to those spots, you need to wait for my cue". He settled down after being made to turn and walk six steps backwards and halt. However, I'm getting better at moving him more smoothly. Someone went and readjusted his cinch, that was annoying (they'd set it down to where, if it's not tightened, the middle of the diamond is lined up correctly - but once you tighten it, it's right up into his armpit).

Plans for next week - I don't work again until the weekend, so lots of time to ride and swim in between. The swim meet I'm sure will come up much too soon for my taste.
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