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First October Friday Night Conversation

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How is everyone? I hope doing well. Getting cooler here I am so loving it/

Big doings here at Aubie house today. Its Remington's birthday. He is 7. Well I say that.dont really know what to do. Everyday is like birthday and Christmas rolled into one for that dog.

Maybe I will get him a little steak or something when at grocery store for supper. What are you having?

Or is it going out tonight?

Anything else going on this weekend?

Anything and everything welcome. And of course all the great pictures.

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Happy Friday!!!! friends birthday is today too! Wish Remington a happy birthday for me. 馃悤

I鈥檓 going out with her and her sister this evening to the mall just to do some shopping.
I got her a pillow for her birthday..yes a pillow, that鈥檚 what she asked for. 馃槄

I have no clue what鈥檚 for dinner..probably going out though!

my trainers coming today..and I have to get a load of shavings, whenever I have plans I challenge myself to see how much I can get done before I go out馃槀

I have the weekend off, yayy, though had to drag myself through work this morning, but it was around 50掳 so that was soo nice.

this weekend I have to mow a overgrown pasture I have for the horses, I usually move them to it late fall/early winter, then move them back to another one spring, and just alternate.
After I move them over I can start the building of the new arena! Yay!

the weather is not cool, it鈥檚 around 82掳 with 98% humidity, it鈥檚 not too bad though, and happy to see the sunshine!!

the trees here aren鈥檛 turning much, I love fall and all
the colors.

dreading winter, not looking forward to snow and freezing rain.. but then summer it鈥檚 roasting and practically everyone鈥檚 melting, explains itself..and wood carpenter bees are sooo annoying.
I think fall is the only season that鈥檚 the most relaxing, not to hot, not to cold, beautiful mornings and awesome for riding.

the fire ants are terrible here, I don鈥檛 know what it is but I found like 15 ant piles outside in the fields and had to put some fire ant killer on them.

who is excited for no-stirrup November? 馃槀
I personally love no stirrups.

Anyway, thankfully nothing to exciting here..
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Hope everyone has a good weekend!!
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