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First October Friday Night Conversation

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How is everyone? I hope doing well. Getting cooler here I am so loving it/

Big doings here at Aubie house today. Its Remington's birthday. He is 7. Well I say that.dont really know what to do. Everyday is like birthday and Christmas rolled into one for that dog.

Maybe I will get him a little steak or something when at grocery store for supper. What are you having?

Or is it going out tonight?

Anything else going on this weekend?

Anything and everything welcome. And of course all the great pictures.

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1. Happy Friday!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY REMINGTON馃憫馃惗馃憫馃惗

2. No plans here except for one of us to finish Bushogging the pastures and unload the pallet of shavings I went after yesterday.

3. We are so dry- Middle Tennessee has been 25 days without rain and chances for any won鈥檛 be until the end of next week. 50% at best, unless the weather pattern does something different.

4. I made the dentist appointment for the horses. Last year Onery Rusty cost me an extra $25 in drug money because he was so good at grabbing the speculum. I told the office gal, if that same vet doesn鈥檛 pull in the driveway on the appointed day, I will know why馃槀馃槀

5. It was on the news that canine influenza is on the upswing. It is contagious but not zoonotic. They are warning folks to get their dogs vaccinated against it if they go to dog parks or their dogs are otherwise in close contact with dogs out of their household.

6. Supper is again a big question mark.

7. I have Pralines- real pralines from a shop on Bourbon St.馃槏馃槏. DH鈥檚 co-worker and his family went to New Orleans for a few days. I asked if they would please bring me some real Pralines and they did. I will have to make this box of eight last a long time馃崼馃崼
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The New Orlean's style are what I make. We always called them Blondies. 馃構. They're the bomb.

We had a nest of ground hornets or what we thought were multiple nests that we could never quite get rid of until a family of armadillos moved in. Our yard looked like the streets after a NY ticker tape parade. 馃槼 the hole they excavated was huge. Forever endeared me to their digging ways.
Armadillos moved into Middle Tennessee about five years ago and I am not happy with the little soandso鈥檚.

I took this pic when I was finish-mowing a fence row in the pasture. I can see the tip of the fence post馃槨 I can鈥檛 see how far the hole goes and I probably don鈥檛 want to know. It鈥檚 headed up hill - there is another, bigger, hole about 100 feet behind me, also on the fence row. There are two huge caverns by a tree in the pet Sematary that I know weren鈥檛 dug by coyotes. That鈥檚 just what I know about. They are working on getting themselves shot馃槨馃槨
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Neither one of our tractors have a parking brake that works and the brake on the farm tractor generally means dropping the bush hog, the turning the front wheels.

Seems DH didn鈥檛 turn the wheels far enough when he got off Old Bess to move a log - she coasted right thru the barbed wire section of fence, stopping about 100 feet short of the neighbor鈥檚 pond馃槼馃槼

I did have the decency to ask DH if he was ok before I asked if he dented up MY tractor. Both of them survived unscathed but we have to fix that piece of fence this morning. Its the boundary in the road section of property. The horses are fenced off from that section, so barbed wire is perfectly fine far as I鈥檓 concerned.

Old Bess doing some cleaning in the Pet Sematary. It got out of hand with weeds when my JD had to go in for hydraulic repairs that lasted four weeks instead of two and it they didn鈥檛 fix it馃馃. By the time the JD came home there was baby wildlife in there and I refused to cut the brush down.
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Freyja the Rottenweiler and Sheldon the Catahoula/Pit Bull lazing in the sun at the barn. @egrogan I notice you also use the word 鈥渓aze鈥. Me being from the Oh/PA border, it must be a regional thing馃槏

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@dogpatch, I want to throw up looking at those Yellow Jacket nests馃あ馃あ. Holeee-moleee you are so fortunate you didn鈥檛 tiss them off when you went in the shed for shavings馃槼馃槼

They put the Red Wasp nest on the corner of the barn overhang to shame and it鈥檚 pretty good size. I鈥檓 waiting for colder weather before I tell DH it鈥檚 up there so he can get the extension ladder out and get it down. If I tell him now, I鈥檓 afraid he will get royally stung- He got away with not being hurt when the farm tractor took off without him - it鈥檚 best not to run that red line anytime soon, lol
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