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First October Friday Night Conversation

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How is everyone? I hope doing well. Getting cooler here I am so loving it/

Big doings here at Aubie house today. Its Remington's birthday. He is 7. Well I say that.dont really know what to do. Everyday is like birthday and Christmas rolled into one for that dog.

Maybe I will get him a little steak or something when at grocery store for supper. What are you having?

Or is it going out tonight?

Anything else going on this weekend?

Anything and everything welcome. And of course all the great pictures.

Amber Font Peach Brand Event
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@redbadger - YES the moon was soooo beautiful at the beach last night.... I didn't get pics like I wanted but saw the moon crest the ocean and it was a sight to behold! Here there were quite a few people watching it on the water.

I do candied pecans... which is like one of the recipes listed above, not a fan of the soft kind..

@egrogan - I will get that poolish pizza dough recipe... it is really good! I will have to look up how to do naan with that....

Yikes on that hornets nest! And that you were going by it often! whew... I think one of the only times I cry is when I'm stung! When I was young I got stung and I couldn't understand why the wasp wanted to sting me? I just wanted to touch it... lol

I hope everyone has a good week!
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Happy birthday Remington.

It has been dry here for quite some time also. I dread winter too. I DO NOT like snow and freezing rain. Every year, I dread having to drive in it for work, (I deliver parts for NAPA), as well as in general. I don't do well in cold either.

This weekend was our annual "ranch weekend"/ family get together. It is always on the Columbus day/Indigenous day weekend. We have it at the Cedar Valley Stables which happens to be where I groom horses on Saturday mornings. It is also one of my all time favorite places on this earth. In fact, I found out about the stables through one of my sisters who went to horse camps there when she was a kid and they invited us to come to the weekend get together which I believe is in it's 10th year. It is also her birthday right around this time. I think that is one reason why this particular time was chosen to do this at this time. I wish I could share a few pictures on here but I don't have them on the computer yet, just on my phone. I did post several of them on Facebook earlier tonight. I should add a disclaimer also. My sisters are not sisters by blood, I was an only child. When I moved to West Liberty in 1986, I moved in two doors up from them. My then future wife knew their Mom from work and we finally all met. We got well acquainted, neighbor wise. A few years later, I was going through a rough stretch and, in fact, had a bunch of pills ready to take them. I called their house. Whichever one of the girls I talked to talked me out of what I was about to do and I went down to their house so I wouldn't be alone and after that the bond grew. Ever since then, they have been like the sisters I never had. There are four of them. Three were there this weekend.

Now, a funny horse grooming story - As I was grooming one of the horses, Captain, he brings his head around, grabs the edge of my cowboy hat, pulls it off my head and turns his head back around. I'm laughing and I say, "Captain, hey, that's my hat, give it back here." LOL

I had a thought come to mind last week. I had asthma bad when I was a kid. I was allergic to almost anything, particularly things like hay, grass, pet dander among other things. When I was a kid, I liked to go out in the barn at Grandma's and play. Well, more often then not, the hay would get to me and many times, I would have an asthma attack. She would get ticked off with me. When I thought about it last week, I e-mailed my Mom and said if I still had problems with asthma, I wouldn't be able to groom horses. Of course, she agreed with me.
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