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First Time Horse Owning Supplies

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Hello, I will soon be buying my very first horse and I just want to make sure i'm not missing anything, if I am please tell me what else i need.! thanks :].

I Have:
Saddle Pad
Stirrup Leathers
Stirrups (safety)
Leather Cleaner
Winter/Spring/Fall Sheet
Summer Sheet
Cotton Ear Net
Thinning Shears
Leather Punch
Fly Spray
Show Sheen
Shampoo + Conditioner + Detangler
Halter (Leather + Nylon)
Leadropes (2)
Hoof Oil
Bot Knife
Polar Fleece Liner/Cooler
Shipping Boots
*All the brushes, hoof picks sweat scrapers, shedding blade, sponges, wash mitt etc.
Basic First-Aid Kit
Lunge line + lunge whip

--I think that's about it if i am missing something please tell me thanks :].
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Whew, nice list you have started there! :) I just went through this myself about 5 months ago when I bought my first horse, and I'm STILL finding things I need for her! lol

Besides what you have listed, you'll also need...

* Bridle
* Reins
* Bit (if you don't know what the horse used before and you're riding English, you usually can't go wrong with a thick Eggbutt Snaffle bit) - you'll need to measure your horse to see what size bit he wears if you don't already know
* Horse Toys - jolly ball, lik-it, etc. (I know, sounds silly, but you don't want to end up with a horse who's bored in his stall and develops bad habits like cribbing!)
* Helmet/half chaps (for you, and depending on the discipline you ride, but since you mentioned "crop" in your list I'm going to assume you ride English, as I do!)
* Fly mask (optional, some people don't use them)
* Dewormer (check to see when the last time the horse was given dewormer was and what type he was given) - this time of year, a lot of people are giving an ivermectin-based dewormer like this: Zimecterin® Gold -
* Nolvasan antiseptic ointment for cuts and scrapes (goes with your first-aid kit, but I mentioned it specifically because that stuff is awesome!)
* Bucket (to go with your shampoo/bath kit)

That's all I can think of now off the top of my head - you have a good list going there, and the only other thing I'd say is to get a couple saddle pads...they get dirty fast and also you never know which will fit best with your saddle/for your horse :)

Congrats on the new horse, and good luck!!!
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haha you have got everything except the most important thing.....BRIDLE haha!
i ould wait to get your horse before you get stuff like a saddle and bits etc as the most important thing is that they fit the horse and the horse goes well in them.
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