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Well I went on my first trail ride on Saturday I wasn't even plannig to.
I had just planned to lunge Buzz nice little work out and had started lunging when something in the coner of my eye caught my attention, it was a friend who rides and I didn't even know lived around where Buzz was. she was like the person I usually go trail riding is busy do you wanna come?
As some of you may no I wanted to start trail riding but had no one to go with so of course I jumped at the oppurnity :)
It was soo much fun Buzz acted as if he had been out 100 times before though he did try and walk into serval peoples places :roll: but I had him on a long rein for most of the ride it was great the only time I had to have a tightish rein was when my friend was jumping (couldn't jump Buzz cos of his leg) and he got a bit excited and wanted to jump as well
I wish I had pics :( but didnt have a camera with me
hopefully next time because there will be a next time :D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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