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Floor Boards - Kingston Trailer

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We are looking at purchasing a 2013 Kingston 2h trailer. I’d like to know if we’d have to replace the floor boards or does these have more life in them. Pics attached. Thanks.
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Where the boards show the most wear is where they mostly go bad, at the end of the trailer in the corners. Luckily that isn't a spot where the horses are likely to step, but it is up against all the metal in the corner. I normally replace them for that reason. You can check those spots from underneath and see the rot has worked its way through. Check to see how soft the wood feels. If you feel it needs replacement, you'll most likely have to replace the entire board, which seems to be a waste unless you have use for the rest of the board that's in good shape. What I did with my trailer is weld another angle iron against the back of the one installed at the factory. That way, I only have to replace the board up to that piece instead of the entire length of the trailer.
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You need to remove and inspect the wall and floor juncture as it shows water damage.
Kingston trailers were known to be a top of the line trailer made but still had issue of seepage near the windows and puddling on the floor under them...that is what I see on those boards.
You have rot at the rear where door or rolled down rear tarp flap did not seal out the blown in debris I bet sat and created again rot and a look to not ignore but replace.

The trailer is 10+ years old and by staining seen on the floor mats not swept out as carefully as it should of been done every time.
Replacing a floor is a lot of work me, peace of mind is so worth knowing any rot is gone, any structural issues the support braces underneath may have is addressed cause when you remove the floor you now see all naked and exposed.
To me, knowing my horses stand on a solid floor well supported is worth the time and expense ...and honestly, your trailer shows signs a new floor is warranted. Maybe not every board, but enough seen to make me want to know safety has been addressed.

I'm originally from the North-East and that is where Kingston trailers were king of the road and commonly seen...that also means caustic road salts used many months of the year on the undercarriage that create damages to underpinnings hidden by things like floorboards....
Yea, time to pull the floor for a much needed look-see check and restore if needed or just a new floor installed so you know all is good for that safe trip on your journey.
🐴.... jmo...
Is it customary for a seller to allow a prospective buyer to carry such an extensive check? I've never bought a used trailer from an individual. But I'm not sure there are many sellers that would agree to having the trailer dismantled to that extend...unless there is a guaranteed sale at the asking price if no fault is found.
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If you buy it you can do whatever you want....

If you are looking to purchase, a competent trailer mechanic would have that trailer off the ground and sliding underneath it searching for such issues...a thorough evaluation done.
Buyer Beware truly applies here...
If I can raise concern from pictures that would have me looking closer in certain areas...imagine what should be being done in person and where a screwdriver, a ice pick and some tapping gently with a hammer in various places would and should be uncovering or not.

See, I find it interesting that it "appears" a paint line of black paint is on the edge of the why would that be showing??? Was the floor installed and then factory painted or something else having cosmetic work done to .... :unsure:
There is also a potential staining of repeated soak and dry on some of those boards...again, you bet I would be looking very closely and critically to the frame and supports that would be holding my horses safe during travel.
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