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Was wondering if fly rugs are needed? I know a bunch of people who don’t own them and a bunch who do. Judy doesn’t have sweet itch or anything just her tail flicking all around the shop I cover her in fly spray twice a day and it helps but doesn’t get rid of the problem was wondering if anyone here does without? Or how everyone deals with flys? Also wouldn’t they over heat in fly rugs? Seems a shame to be putting layers on in the sun?

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I don't use fly sheets here in is just to darn hot.
When the horses are soaked in sweat they don't need one more thing on them is my thought.
Some swear the sheets keep flies at bay, others write and tell of the horses going insane when biting flies get underneath and the horse can not get away from the biting...

To be honest what I found works better at times than any spray applied is let the horse alone...
I'll spray my horses and turn them know they are going to roll...let them and leave them alone to be covered in dust, dirt and filth...
That layer of dust, dirt and filth actually protects them from the fly bites...
I see a lot less tail activity when they have recently rolled and when the flies are bad my horses roll more often.
I don't brush them as much in summer so the dirt remains better on their coat...
I can't/won't ride in 100+ temps so leave them along...
The only place I do apply repellent is the underbelly of my geldings, their sheath area and the face near the eyes as no, no fly masks either in this heat the horses struggle till they rip them off tells me it isn't helping enough.

There have been studies done about designs or plain fly sheets used...
Zebra stripes are said to be the best design and repeller of flies above any other coloring or designs.
Zebra stripes....makes the other horses a bit looky-loo at first too it is said so be aware if you purchase this style design.
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