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I'm sorry ramboo but did you read that label carefully???

What jumps out to me is PET USE APPLIES TO ONLY ON DOGS
Sure it can be used in premises or ground for all other application pictured but it says ON DOGS ONLY.
I saw when I expanded more the horse fly spray thing...but it seems there may be 2 styles of this as premise or animal application safe.

Now, there is one of these that is saying horse fly spray but not sure it is what you have...
I found this on Tractor Supply website...
Liquid Fluid Bottle Rectangle Gas

There is a difference in picture and bottle appearance when you compare what you are holding to what is on that website for horse fly spray...
Please, please double check what you have is safe for the horses... I sure hope it is just a different lot number and newer illustrations...
Website by me says $29.99 is no savings over other concentrates honestly, but if it works as a tick repellent than maybe worth gold too...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts