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Please notice, these things work only with the classic skin and aren't be visible in the default skin.

You can change the layout via User CP => Edit Options => Forum Skin. For further assistance, ask moderators for help.

1. Excluding forums from the New Posts list
2. Horse Forum Shout Outs
3. The Carrot Game


1. Excluding forums from the New Posts list

You can now specify which forums you want to see appear in the New Posts list and exclude the ones you don't by visiting Edit Options from your User CP and scrolling down to where it says 'Exclude forums from "Get New Posts"'.

Here is a direct link:*

2. Horse Forum Shout Outs

You can leave shout outs at the top of the page that other members in classic layout will see. There is only room for one shout out at a time, so you can only leave a shout out if there isn't one there already. Also, in order to prevent any one member from being the only one who's shout outs appear, after leaving a shout out you have to wait until at least one other member leaves a shout out before leaving another one.

Shout outs are just meant to be something fun, like your favorite horse related quote, what you're up to at the moment, lyrics to your favorite song, or even a friendly message to another member. When you don't see a shout out at the top of the page, you can visit the Carrot Kitchen to leave a shout out. Of course, you'll need to have some carrots on hand. (See: the Carrot Game below).

Anyone who uses a shout out to advertise or promote anything, uses profanity in a shout out, or says anything that antagonizes another member in a shout out will be banned. In other words, shout outs are meant for positive, good natured, fun messages, and nothing else. We'll be keeping an eye on the shout outs members leave for anything inappropriate, but we ask that you help us by starting a thread about any inappropriate shout outs you may see in the Talk to the Team Forum.

Members need to have several hundred posts before being able to leave a shout out. If you find you don't have enough posts to leave a shout out, please do not go around making trivial posts just to up your post count or you will be banned.

The Carrot Game

This is just for fun and carrots don't serve any real benefit for users.

Catching carrots:
There are 3 ways to catch carrots
1) Find a carrot somewhere on the forums: you'll be notified that you've found a carrot. You can accept the carrot by clicking ”Catch a carrot” button.
2) Steal one from your fellow HorseForum member: you'll be notified that you've gotten a possibility to steal a carrot. You can give it a try or decline.
3) Pick up carrots which Carrot Bandit left behind: drag the carrots in the basket visible on your screen.

Losing carrots:
There are 2 ways to lose carrots
1) Your fellow forum member can steal a carrot from you while you are offline: you'll be notified by a private message.
2) You can become a victim of the Carrot Bandit: you'll be notified by a video clip that appears on your screen.

Carrot usage
You can go to the Carrot Kitchen, located on the lime green horizontal dropdown (see the picture below)

In the carrot kitchen, you can send a carrot pastry or a carrot cookie to your fellow forumer or make a Shout Out. (See: Horse Forum ShoutOuts above).

If you click the number of carrots at the bottom of an user's post, you can find interesting statistics related to the Carrot Game (Most Carrots, Top Do Gooders etc...)


Please let the Moderating Team know if you've problems with any of the features above.

the Moderating Team
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