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Chevy lost his battle with EPM this afternoon after fighting really hard for over four months. I wanted to leave this here for him because we loved him so much. He was a sweet charming gelding that has gone on to the tall pastures that are always lush and green...farewell my friend.

Now I lay you down to sleep
And here's the promise that I keep
I'll stay with you until the end
Because I promised you this my friend

We'll meet the end together
I'll not leave you or turn away
And I will hold you
And I'll love you
Forever on that day

Wait for me, I'll see you soon
We can go for walks and play again
And I'll hold your memory close
And I'll miss you until then

Look for me when my time comes
I'll be looking for you too
Wait for me by the gate
And together we'll go, me and you

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I’m so sorry for your loss. He’s now in a better place, probably galloping around in lush pastures up there.
I’m sorry you had to go through that, you’re in my prayers.

no horse deserves to go through EPM, or the owner, I hate EPM with all my heart..I lost my mare to EPM so I know the struggle and the pain..😞
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