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Hello! I have a few things I need to get rid of since I no longer ride the horse they fit! Prices MAY be negotiable. Feel free to try.
Payment must be through paypal, please.
I have the following for sale:

44" Leather Girth. There is a stain/smudge on the elastics on one side, which I believe to be from Saddle-Tite. It may be able to come out, but other than that goopy smudge, its in near perfect condition. I have ridden in it only a few times. One of those was at a show, and the saddle flaps easily cover the smudge. $25 +shipping.

White Cotton English Show Saddle Pad- FULL Horse size. I've only used this once, and that was at a show. No stains. $20 Shipping included.

Brown Leather COB sized English Bridle. It's a no-name bridle. Definitely not the best quality, but it looks decent, and isnt too stiff. Perfect condition. None of the leather is cracking/wearing off, and nothing is broken. Includes bit if you would like it. I Bit can also be purchased separately. Just let me know. $30+shipping

O-Ring Snaffle Bit. I dont know much about bits, so Im guessing that's what it is. Never been used.$2 +shipping.
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