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From Sweden? I need your help!

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Hi! I was wondering if we have any members from sweden who might be able to help me with something...
A few years ago I campaigned a standardbred trotting colt named "Laddie". He did very well in his 2 years racing with us. He made over 1,000,000 and was sold to Sweden at the end of his 3 year old season to race and was approved for stallion duty.
I loved this horse, and miss him so much. I have no idea where he is, who has him now or how he is doing. I also have a mare that would be a great cross with him, so I'm looking to import semen from him, too!
I would love to see recent pictures of him and his offspring, as well as get contact information for whoever is managing him now. Any information I get is old, or not in english so I would love to have some help with this...I would Appreciate it more than you know!