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FUN pics of Romeo and Demi

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Today my sister and I went out to the barns and we worked on feet, so after we got done with doing feet we gave them food, and brought out the whip and bag and made the lazy ponehs work a tiny tiny bit.
I feel bad for scaring Demi, but she was fine after. I will work more with her on bags, but it made for a good couple of pics!

^Hello, you get food now?
(That was the only boring pic Im going to post! lol!)

^Romeo was excited, normally he NEVER runs even with the bag, I think he was happy to run! lol


^Reining horse?


^I am so nervous, I MUST EATTT!


^Reining horse? (Look at Demi!) I am going to frame this pic, they are both in amazing poses!

^Ready, set, DRESSAGE poneh!

^My pretty boyy!
Es todo! (Thats all!)
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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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