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I grew up with horses as a kid, but it really was a put a saddle on the horse and ride sort of relationship, plus I was young and my parents did a lot of the decisions.
My daughter got a horse, a curly. Roanie is 15 years old and definitely saddle broke. We road her with our western saddle no problem for a month. Then my VERY inexperienced husband decided to take her out. With my daughter's help, he saddled her and worked with her. He rode her last. A day or so later, I saddled her up and she walked like she is walking on a tight rope with her front legs. She rides fine bareback. Ok, maybe she is sore. Nope, it's a month later and she still does that.

Does anyone have any ideas about this? I've changed girths and even when I just slightly tighten the saddle she does this. I have not tried a different saddle yet, but I plan to. I feel she has high withers. She rode just fine though with this saddle for a month before this happened.
She is short bodied and is about 14.2 hh. My husband is heavy. Her hooves are fine. Any other questions? Just looking for ideas. thanks!

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