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Gate Issues

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My horse over the last 4 years has developed a horrible gate problem with Poles and Barrels and now it is carrying into the judged events as well. She won't walk towards the gate and just spins to face the other way and whenever someone tries to lead her in, or I ask too insistently she rears right up. I took her to see numerous vets and chiropractors and did X-rays and there is no sign of pain. I think it could just be disrespect? Does anyone have any ideas of what to do? I have tried blinders and walking her in on the ground and nothing seems to be working. I will admit that she is my first horse I've done all the training on and has been super easy other than this and I do let her get away with a lot of bad behavior, so is just being firmer going to help, or would it just freak her out more? HELP!!!!