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General horse show "do's and don'ts"?

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Unless it's cancelled due to excessive heat, which isn't unlikely at this point, we are going to our first away show this weekend. It's supposed to be very casual. We've secured overnight stalls for our horses.

Can anyone give me some general dos and don'ts of horse shows? I am the kind of person who often really needs things spelled out for me, so any tips would help.

Thank you!
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I am sure this was a very rare incident, but my 4-H put on a horseshow at an arena that we always used. The parks department had sprayed weed killer the day before the show. About 8 kids lost their horses that day. It was a horror scene with horses dying or extremely sick all over the place. Fortunately, I had aged out of 4-H the year before and I was in college, or I might have lost my horse that day. Many of my friends did. People said, "Oh, you should have known not to let your horse graze at the showgrounds." I wouldn't have known. Now I do. Just passing that on, although it is probably not a common thing to happen.
That is a horrible and rare tragedy. How very sad.

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Is it OK for us (people and horses) to hang out and watch other riders? I just got the schedule and there aren't more than 9-10 people in any division, so it seems like there would be plenty of room for us to stand around and watch. I thought that might be nicer for the horses than going back to their stalls. But I guess practically, as long as their stalls have hay, they would probably rather be in there...

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Of course you can be spectators too, yes with the horses close by.

Pick a spot along the ring where it is quieter, away from the in/out gate and away from the masses of people too.
This is where you might have other observers want to pet the pretty horses....don't allow so no one gets a nip and no germs get passed cause if they want to pet yours, they wanted to pet others...
Make sure you are not standing in close space to other horses since no one knows each others and that is how horses may react negatively to another in their space..
Those who stand ringside often hoot & holler when their rider places or is recognized so be prepared for the horse who may doze to suddenly be awake and aware.
With classes of that size, the show will move along at a quicker pace too so be prepared to get astride and ride.
We use to put riders up when we were 2 classes from theirs, a quick warmup of the duo so muscles and attitudes were in correct position of "lets go have fun" and our class and numbers were being called to the "on-deck" staging area...

If you put the horses in their stalls, they need untacked as you don't want to chance someone rolling with their saddles on...not so good for the saddle as you can imagine. :eek:
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