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Has anyone heard of this before in horses?
I'm starting to suspect my horse has a case of it due to another horse being diagnosed with it at my barn with the same symptoms... and everything i'm reading on the internet points to him having it...

We for a long time thought it could be ulcers or something since he was fed Bute when he was younger for a long period of time due to a hoof wall injury to help pain.

He is a 18 year old gelding who has had runny 'farts' and poop off and on through the five years I have had him. It tends to get worse if he stresses out. But, other then that he is happy healthy.... part of the reason I haven't taken much effort to figure out what is causing it. I have contacted vets a couple of times in the past to see what they think it is... and they all have told me not to worry about it since its probably just from stress and he isn't in any pain.

I have done a few experiaments in the past to see what was causing it just out of curiosity. I have taken grain completly out of his diet for a week... that didn't help any and it actually made it worse on some occasioins. I have upped his hay... which didn't help any. I have made sure his stall got cleaned every single day (normally I let it go a day and clean it every other day) and clean water for 2 weeks+ and that also didn't seem to change anything.

Here is a small list of the changes over the years I have had him.

First year: off and on
Feed - 2 flakes morning, 2-3 flakes at night (depending if he ate everything from morning) Purina Stratagy along with trifecta pellet form.

Second year: moved him closer to home... more off and on
Feed at new place - 2 flakes morning, 3 flakes night... small scoop of purina stratagy in morning and full scoop at night with trifecta.
^ he was pastured with three other horses and never really sociallized with them... he was very independent and didn't want to hang around much but he wasn't pushy or mean at all... and the others didn't bug him.

Third year: Same as second year... but cut the trifecta from his diet... I didn't see any change... just was saving that small money budget from giving it to him. He didn't really need it anyway.

Fourth year: Same as second... but a young horse jumped an electric fence and managed to get in a fight with my gelding. Ended up kicking him pretty bad in the foreleg. I moved him to my aunt's place which was closer to the vet for treatment. He healed fine.

^now this is strange... when he was up at my aunts place he was pastured alone, but was close to my aunts two other horses. The vet saw that he was having 'fart' problems and gave him ulcer guard in a paste tube which did help for a week... cleaned up right up... but he started up again. When it was cold out he would be worse... so we blanketed him... over the course of three months of him being there it slowly went away.

I also switched him at this time from purina stratagy to purina senior.

Now I started to think maybe being pastured with three other horses was stressing him out... so when I moved back to the place he got hurt at from another horse jumping the fence I managed to get a pasture for himself to be in alone.

All was good until the second month of moving back his hind end started doing the off and on thing... but it was better then the second and third years I had him.

I again started to think why he would do this... he is alone... being fed well... good water... but there is a land fill nearby... could the water be contaminated?

The barn owner said she did testing two years back and the water turned up clean.

None of the other horses were showing any symptoms like him except one other gelding in another pasture. That gelding also has had it ever since his owner bought him from another place six years ago.

The other owner with her gelding over the past couple of years have tested negative under everything under the sun... no parasites, no ulcers, but she did a hair test and he turned up with high levels of magnesium and arsenic... which is strange we all thought. She did a bio spoung which didn't help any.

Now it is year five... I recently over the past two months started my gelding on Equiberry's probiotic. The first two days I had him on it he cleaned right up... His hind end wasn't soaking wet and his poop was a lot more solid. Its only on really cold nights now that he gets soaking wet in the hind end... but other then that hes pretty dry with only some crustys from the morning of or the night before.

Now the past week she sent in a fecal test... not to a vet but to OHSU here in Oregon. He turned positive for Giardia ... but didn't have the parasite with it so he couldn't contaminate others with it. She started giving him pills that she was perscribed and he cleaned right up.

Sorry for the long post... its just been a long five years that I have been cleaning my horse's hiney every time I wanted to ride him or spend time with him haha. Oh the things we do for our horses...

I was just curious what every one else throught of this situation... or if anyone else have had a situation like mine... or what have others done to treat their horses for giardia....
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