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Goat tying

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I have been actively riding western and english over the past few years, but only pleasure and equitation. I have never done a rodeo event!! I've been working with a friend on goat tying and am thinking about doing some rodeos soon, but I need to invest in some good quality tack specific to the needs of this event. What type of western saddle is best for goat tying? Any suggestions on brands based on a positive personal experience? Price does not matter if it's good quality and will not make my horse uncomfortable. I currently own a well-loved western trail saddle that doesn't seem suitable (let alone sturdy) enough for the job! Thanks in advance!

P.S.) If it matters at all, my horse has been schooled in various things such as barrel racing, roping, western pleasure, and team penning, but is not finished in any of these! (He's also done a little bit of Hunter on the flat, but is a much better western horse)
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I ride all speed events.

Quads, barrels, poles, arena race, stakes, keyhole, and yes, have done goats. I use a nice quality barrel saddle for all of the above events. I personally LOVE my Alamo saddle. I've had good luck with Billy Cook, Martin, and even had a good Circle Y.

I would really go with any of the ones above. I've used them all, and have actually liked all of them. However, I just can't say enough good things about my Alamo. Love, love, LOVE it! My cousin does speed in this saddle, and absolutely loves it:

It's just like a barrel saddle that's leather, and she won't sell it! It has bear traps too. (I do recommend leather though)

Anyway, there's my 2 cents! :)
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