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I'm going tack shopping soon to get the rest of what I need for my new horse.

I Already Have:
Saddle Pad
Stirrup Leathers
Stirrup Irons
Lead Rope
Turnout Halter
Regular Halter
Fly Mask
All Necessary Riding Clothes
Fly Spray
Grooming Stuff (But I want New Ones... They're like 4 years old)

I Plan on Getting:
Winter Blanket
Some more Gloves (I always loose them!)
Brushes + Curry Combs
Some More Saddle Pads (I'm addicted to them)

Am I missing anything else?

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That looks good but I like to have a few extra things just in case

Just in Case

Extra lead rope -just in case yours breaks
Gauze sponges
Wound dust
Vet wrap -just in case your horse gets hurt and you need to treat in until the vet can come out
Hoof Pick -just in case...well not really just in case but because, trust me, you WILL loose yours just when you need it most
A big sponge -so you don't have to spray her face with water when washing her, and for then you need to just get the sweat off her sides and don't wanna break out the hose and give her a full bath
A big clean water bucket -to use to sponge bath her to get all the sweat off after you ride, or to use for warm water if you have to wash out a cut or scrape

That is all I can think off for now.

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It is always a good idea to have your own emergency vet kit.

Emergency Vet Kit:
- Betadine (an iodine-based) scrub
- Hibitane (or comparable "polysporin" for horses)
- 1 roll of gauze
- 2 rolls of vet wrap
- 2 diapers or sanitary napkins (work wonders as bandages!)
- gauze sponges and pads
- Tweezers
- 1-2 pairs of rubber gloves
- scissors (special bandage cutting ones like are awesome)
- rubbing alcohol
- stethoscope
- thermometer (with string on the end!)
- a few 30 to 60 cc sterile syringes (great for administering oral medications or flushing out a wound with warm water and betadine)
- clean towel
- sponges (big and small)
- small flashlight (great for when you need extra light to check something out, or in a hard-to-light area of the horse)
- notebook and pen (to keep track of horse care such as vaccinations and deworming, as well as to keep track of vitals when an emergency arises)
- duct tape

Odds & Ends:
- It's always a good idea to have an extra halter and lead around. I keep an extra in my tack locker and another in my car.
- Show sheen or Vetrolin shine or Power sheen.. basically a shine and detangler
- Extra hoof picks - again, I keep a spare in my car!
- Braiding elastics (I love braiding.. haha)
- Leg wraps/boots
- Fly veil (I love the looks of them!)

Hope that helps.
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Thanks! I think my barn probably supplies the little vet things, but I might buy some and keep them in my locker/trunk (when I get the trunk...)
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