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Good Morning everyone.
I'm new, not that it is a surprise. I'm not really talkative on forums though so I probably wont be saying much. I'm 19, have no horses, but I do have a cat, and three dogs.
I used to take riding lessons last summer with my Mother, I was 18. A bit of a late starter, I know. I moved shortly after I started my lessons, I couldn't take lessons where I moved because I didn't have a car, not to mention there was no place to take them. I moved back home last month so I plan to start lessons again soon, when I find a job, anyway. I was learning English and I plan to continue on that route. It was fun the first time around. :)
As odd as it may be my favorite part of the lessons was the part at the beginning and end where we're supposed to groom the Horse. It was nice and very mellowing. My favorite thing about it. Not that I didn't love the actual riding, I really did love it. I really can't wait to start out again. Learning Jumping is something I really want to do.

I don't know if there is anything else I should say. Except Good Morning. :)
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