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Hello everyone!

I am happy to have found this forum! I am a first-time horse owner but have been around horses all of my life, taken lessons, yadda yadda yadda ;-)

I can't wait to learn more from everyone on here! I am realizing day by day that once you own a horse, there's even more specifics you need to learn (and I always enjoying learning new things!).

Anyhow, a little about myself.....I am engaged, have a son, two kitties, a rabbit, and now Love So Fine (11 year Standardbred mare). I am currently a student at the University of Maine.

Hmmm that's about it!
I am hoping it rains here....Maine has been frying with the weather lately and there had been a run on air conditioners (I got one of the last two at Home Depot the other day).

Glad to meet all of you!
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