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I have a very basic grooming kit:

- plastic curry comb
- rubber curry comb
- brush
- hoof pick
- bot egg scraper

That's literally all I need most of the time. But sometimes I also use

- small nippers (for hooves)
- small cloth towel
- fly spray
- metal curry comb (I pretty much only use these on muddy days during spring shedding season; didn't use it at all last year)

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My most used items are:

Rubber curry comb and/or grooming gloves
One medium/stiff brush
One soft brush and/or face brush
Brush for mane and tail
Sturdy hoof pick

Fly spray, detangling spray

Sponge or bathing mitt
Scraper for after bathing

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I love grooming (and grooming supplies), so my kit may be a bit more than bare basics.
But this is what I have in my trailer (aka my small kit :wink:)

Rubber curry
Stiff brush
Flick brush
Medium brush
Soft brush
Shine brush
Mane brush

Hoof pick with brush
Fly spray
Baby wipes
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