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Claudia and Dallas
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Hello, all! Sorry to clutter the recently posted inbox. :LOL:

Just wanted to positively rant to everyone that Claudia did SO great today! We went on a twenty-minute hack down the street and she was phenomenal!

Claudia honestly has a lot of problems, but today she outdid herself: She stood perfectly on cross ties to be groomed/tacked up, stood when mounted, faced her fears of the SCARY inflatable snowman by the driveway, went ALL BY HERSELF down the street... Farther than we've gone before..! AND she walked... NOT ran... all the way home!

So so proud of my mare! Those are all things we struggle with, and she was perfect for everything!

(Really hoping it wasn't just a one-day thing, but hey, we'll see in two days when I have time to ride again.)

Dallas had a day of rest. I planned on going on a walk with him on the ground, but I decided to let him be. :)

Thanks for reading,
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