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Hallo Hallo Hallo :D My name is Rachelle, i've been riding for 13 years.

I use to ride a horse called Diamond, everyone was so frightened of him they didn't even go near his stable. At the time, we couldn't afford to stable a horse, I was so desperate for one I thought if i'd ride him it might feel like having my own because no one went near him *g*.

After the first lesson on him I was extremely upset and frustrated (back then I was a hectically good rider) I remember exclaiming, "I'm never riding this horse again!!" only to ride him again the next day! Hehehe.

After six months, Diamond was going smooth. He settled in temprament, he even jumped rather boldly and high, and I was absolutely inlove with him. Unfortunately after I was riding him for three years later on, the stable owner sold him - without even speaking to me. I came to the riding school to find out he was sold and i couldn't ride him. The new owner kept him there at the stable for awhile, and I remember being rather heartbroken as I saw he was going back to his "old ways" of general craziness.

After that I stopped riding for 3 years. I recently started again and have been taking advanced lessons for a few months. I'm..

FInally going to buy my own horse! :D


I'll be looking tommorow at a few prospects. I'm really excited
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