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My mare is off to the trainers next weekend! :clap:

I've had her since she was a weanling, first baby horse. Did all the ground work, found someone to help me with the first rides, but it didn't work out. She was sent out for a month being ridden on a guy's ranch and then she came home a walking skeleton. (The guy who took her out there I was working for at the time and I kept telling him I wanted to go out there but he always forgot to call me the night before he left, so never once I got to see her work, he never got to see her work) She came back skinny, with saddle sores, sores on her mouth, so she got the winter off. Plus I had just started university.

This past spring I moved her closer to where I live now and started all over from the ground as I had no idea what she knew or may have picked up out there. I got to the point of a couple rides but then she kept mysteriously coming up lame. I moved her back to my dad's and within a week she was back to completely sound. Round a few times, and after coming off (was trying a different saddle, it slide when I shift my weight to dismount and she started bucking) and then I realized that my lack of riding time the past 2 years and her green-ness, I was going to get killed.

So after some serious disappointment that after 5 years I still couldn't do anything to ride my horse I finally swallowed my pride and called a trainer last week.
Went out there and after discussing it with my parents (uni student, can't really afford training) She is now going out there next Saturday. And I couldn't be happier. I watched one of the girls ride a greeny on his first time working cows and she was great. They cover everything, she'll get arena work, trail, cattle work, hauling in to the bigger, busier arena.

I'm just so excited that I had to tell someone! My bf's friend is staying here so he's acting all calm and not caring about my mare so I can't get all giddy to him lol. And most people I know don't really get how much work actually has to go in to getting a good riding horse, and I'm finally on my way of safely getting a horse that I can safely ride. :p
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