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Happy Thanksgiving to all the American Members!

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Today dawned bright, cold and clear; my favorite Normal Rockwell weather for Thanksgiving. I know there is another thread about Thanksgiving prep, but I just wanted to wish you all a really nice day today . If you have family, I hope you can be with them, and if you are with them, I hope you ENJOY being with them! I hope your weather is good and that no wind storm knocks out the power half way through the cooking of the bird or the pies. I hope nothing burns, the gravy browns, the turkey browns and the mashed potatoes are fluffy. May you not regret how much you eat and may you all share in the clean up!

Happy Turkey day!

My house feast will be best suited for diabetic family members:

Cornish Game hens, rice, a big vegetable stir-fry with lots of Chinese greens, roasted butternut squash and baked apple dumplings using fake sweeteners.
Anything unusual about your feast?
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I started cooking on Monday. Not because we're having so much but because I decided a few years ago that I was no longer going to leave all the work until the day and then be too tired to enjoy everything I did. So, Monday, I made the fresh cranberry sauce. Not a lot of work, but probably my favorite dish. I also started the brisket marinating with the dry rub. Tues. I did the dressing, got that all fixed up and ready to just set in the oven to warm up and crisp the top. Weds. I did the butternut squash custards. Today I stuck the brisket in the smoker and made the pumpkin cheesecake pie. It's all doing it's cooking thing and will be ready for supper at around 4 pm and we'll all be comatose by 5 or 6. Works for me!

Oh, and we've been adopted by a sweet Great Pyrenese LGD, so he's getting fed and a shelter made out in the car port and tomorrow we'll call the vet to get a check up appointment made for him and see what he needs. He's been kind of hanging out and we finally found a number on his collar and found out he has no home, so he's chosen this one. Name of Hoss. Seriously underweight,, so gonna be a while before that name fits again.
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