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Has anyone ever DIY'ed tail lights?

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Hey guys!
I am interested in DIYing horse tail lights!
We rotate our horses pastures from here, to down the street in thought out the year. Our pasture at our house isn't perfect, it is all panels, except the gate is electric wire, which the horses can easily break though, and have done before. Anyway, I am interested in putting tail light on them at night, so that we can always see were they are at night. To make sure there in, and I think it will be neat looking! So I found lights that are waterproof, battery powered, and there are 8 difference colors all in 8 separate strands which are 7 feet long each. Now, I just need a way to attach them to the tail.

The brand tail lights, used a tail boot to keep them on, is there a way to DIY the boot? Or do you think I shdoul ue some kind of clip, or even something that braids in to the top of the tail. Wondering if you have any suggestions!
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Why don't you just fix the gate?
We mostly have, and they haven't broken out since we put up panels, but the electric fence still makes the gate part. It would really soju the for piece of mind, and I like the idea so you can see were they are. Any ideas on DIY?
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