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From what I can tell prices here haven't gone up dramatically from before. Not like some areas. I'm seeing some people still selling for $5 a bale timothy. 5-10 bucks is the usual. Approximately 50 lbs. bales. Used to pay 7 a bale a little over a year ago. But that's with a cursory look on local listings. Our barn is lucky now that the owner uses some of the property to bale hay and is included in the board (for now, it's a small private barn so this is doable with the property size and number of horses I guess). If I feed alfalfa I do it in pellets as that's easier to get for me. Bags for that pelleted or cubed are around 14 - 16 for 40 lbs. But I don't expect these prices to stay fixed for too long. Sometimes I've noticed they don't always have bags available for alfalfa/timothy/mixed pellets/cubes, beet pulp, and they're no longer stocking compressed bales (or if they are they're gone so quick I don't see them).

Feed has gone up by 5 - 10 depending on the brand and type.

Farrier has gone up as well but not drastically. With gas and everything going up he has to.

Dentist work done recently and was surprised at how low the price was. So dental and veterinary hasn't changed any for me yet.

I've been very lucky and I'm keeping my fingers crossed. My heart hurts for the people who are already at the stage where that hard decision is needing to be made.
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