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Headcollar - made to order

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Last year I posted that I was soooooo bored with making plain hunt cavesson bridles, well about a dozen one off bridles I had an order to make a headcollar to measure with a few ' stars ' stitched in --- I'm not so bored now.
Here is the finished piece, what do you think.

Bag Handbag Fashion accessory Bridle Hobo bag

Fashion accessory Material property Chain Leather Buckle

Fashion accessory Metal

Fashion accessory

Completely hand made - stitching as well, the stars are stitched at 16 per inch ( barking mad as usual ), it also has a padded nose and headpiece using the best english leather and solid brass fittings.
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Wow, all of your work is absolutely impeccable. Maybe someday when I can afford it, I might have you make me some tack if you would be willing to try western. It is much simpler than most english tack.
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